Hi 👋, I'm Jacob Lever

I'm currently a Staff Software Engineer at Deliveroo, on the Care Technology team.

If you've messaged your Rider or had the unfortunate need to chat to a Care Agent about your order then you've used some of the systems I built from scratch so far in my time at Deliveroo.

My background is in Maths and Physics but I started making software a bit before I started University. Since then I've worked on all sorts of projects and technologies, some of which are still active and are linked to below. Any questions? Feel free to say hi:

Ever wanted a virtual pack of cards that behaves, well, just like a pack of cards on a table? This little web app lets you play any card game with friends whether together or not

A recipe website, with nothing but simple, concise, clear recipes - no life stories in sight. There's built in timers and you can stop your screen from turning off!

A word game (which can be played on a video call or in person) where everyone has to give clues to the same word without letting the Chameleon guess what the word is

At uni I built an app and website to quickly view the canteen's menu. It doesn't really work anymore (even though old menus can still be viewed) but The Potato Game has survived!

When I was running society websites at university, I made a simple php library which could be used to make old websites editable. As far as I know it's still being used to power the static parts of strangeblue.org!